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{December 31, 2009}   A new way to get FREE amazon gift cards (and other great prizes)!

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So it’s been a couple of weeks since i’ve been able to update my blog. The holidays were insane! Fortunately, I believe things are starting to get back to normal. That being said, I thought my first post back would be a “rewarding” one.

I came across a really cool website where you can INSTANTLY win great prizes. The website (BLINGO) is nothing more then a search engine. It’s no different then using to search, HOWEVER, you have a chance to win a prize INSTANTLY! It’s really that simple!

All you do is sign up (again this is totally FREE) and start searching. You have 25 chances per day to win. All that means is, your first 25 searches of the day are possible wins. So at any point during your search, you can win an amazon gift card, cash, a plasma tv, even a car! There are SOOO many great prizes available!

Best of all there’s no confusion whether or not you won as it pops up righ ton the screen and notifies you. It’s REALLY THAT EASY!

So stop what you’re doing and register! You’ve nothing to lose…..only great prizes to win!

P.S. If you join through my link and win a prize, I will be awarded the same prize so any signups from my page here would be GREATLY appreciated!


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