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{December 3, 2009}   FREE family fun with kids in mind!

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Every weekend, Lowes offers FREE craft projects for your kids to do. It’s called the build and grow workshop. Click the link to see what crafts they’re doing this weekend, and sign up your child(ren).

Don’t feel like leaving the house but still want to enjoy some family fun time? Check out Disney Family Fun magazine online. The have SO many free crafting projects, printable coloring pages, recipes and more!

This is a MUST DO with the kiddos! Free G and PG movies at Regel Cinemas across the USA. This is a very popular outing as there is no cost involved and the kids truely enjoy the experience. The downside is it’s only 9 weeks a year and doesn’t strt again until May 2010. No worries though. Just bookmark that website and check back at the end of April. I’ll be sure to post about it again s well, when the time gets closer.

This next one goes out to all of my local readers in the Hampton Roads area. This Sunday, December 6th, the Contemporary Arts Center of Virginia, will be holding a holiday craft sale and free family festival. This one is sure to be lots of fun for the kids as they can ohh and ahh over the beautiful artwork, and then make some of their own…for FREE! This fun event is from 12-4. Be sure to stop by!

On another note, I have some VERY useful information for all of you! If you’re like most people, you have a jar or tin of spare change just laying around your house. Maybe you occasionally cash it in at a coinstar to turn that change into bills. Well, now you can save even MORE money by doing that!

If you’ve ever poured your loose change into a coinstar machine, then you know they take a percentage out. It’s not a huge chunk or anything but it sure adds up. There’s no need to lose that extra bit anymore. There’s actually a way around that! Instead of getting cash back, have the money put on a giftcard. You don’t get a percentage taken out! To make it even sweeter, coinstar is offering you $10 for FREE if you cash in atleast $40 in change! The $10 offer is only good until December 6th so if you’ve been saving those pennies, NOW is the time to cash it in!!!

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