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{November 23, 2009}   Weddings on a budget. Your big day doesn’t have to be a big expense!

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Who says you can’t have the wedding of your dreams? Your wallet, that’s who. Well, until
now that is. Everyday men and women across the world are united in beautiful wedding
ceremonies. Sadly, most of these couples drop thousands and thousands of dollars in order
to have the wedding of their dreams…but why?

Yes, your wedding should be special, and beautiful, but NOT a debt incurring occasion. Society has blown things way out of proportion. It’s no longer about the couple, it’s about keeping up with the Jones’. That’s really ashame. Some of the best weddings I have been to, were the ones where the couple used imagination and creativity.

If you’ve started browsing around, you already know how expensive a bridal veil can be. These go upwards of HUNDREDS of dollars..and for what? A little fabric that is pretty inexpensive? That’s one expensive that you can REALLY save on.


Let’s move onto unique wedding favors. As cliche as it sounds, your imagination truely is the limit. The following are just a few ideas that you may be interested in.

How about gel candles, that match your wedding colors? You can put one of these at each person’s place setting. They’re beautiful and your guests can take them home. For added flair, you can affix labels on each one with your married name and the date of your wedding. That is of course optional though. Check out the “how to” tutorial RIGHT HERE.

These WRAPPED IN LACE favors are gorgeous and oh so inexpensive (and easy) to make. You can scatter these across the table for a little extra oomph. Love them!

Some additional ideas are:

Chocolate dipped spoons: You can purchase baking chocolate at any food store for a
reasonable price and it goes a long way. Follow the melt instructions on the package and
simply dip the spoon in the chocolate and let it cool. These are great as is, but even better when used in coffee or hot chocolate.

Fragrant Sachets: Lavender is the most obvious choice here. You can buy dried lavender buds from most craft stores and it is simply a case of placing them in a little sachet (which you could make your self from linen, cotton or Hessian) & sewing up the top. Alternatively you could look for dried flowers, herbs, potpourri and fragrant essential oils.

Flower Seeds: Want your wedding to be filled with unique touches? Consider flower seeds as an eco friendly favor. This is a gift that keeps on giving while also honoring “a new beginning”, as in the new beginning you will share with one another. All you need is wax paper (either clear or in a color that matches your theme), some 2 sidered tape or glue, flower seeds, ribbon, and a scrap of paper with your sentimental words written. The process is pretty self explanatory, but will keep your guests talking.

Table Decor: Before doing your centerpieces, please keep in mind what season it will be when your wedding takes place. The blow example is one that you’d want to use for a fall

These are so simple to make. You can pick up flowers, twigs and leaves at any craft store or walmart. The vases can be found at any thrift store or at most yardsales and they don’t even have to match. I would recommend them all being the same height though. These take seconds to make as the only step involved is placing the artifical arragements your purchased, into the vases themselves. If you want some added color, you can place marble or buttons inside the bottom on the vases. Regardless, these centerpieces are sure to catch the eye.

Place card holders: There are so many options out there but one of my favorites is made by recycling wine bottle corks. With a sharp knife, cut a small amount off of what will be the bottom. This ensures that it stands properly. Next, make a slit across the top so you have a place to slide the place card into. That’s it. Yep, it’s REALLY that simple! For an added bonus, instead of a boring old “card”, you can place flower seeds in a small homemade envelope and put each guests name on the front. Slide that small envelope into the cork place card holders and voila! A place card setting that also doubles as a party favor!

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